One of the distinguishing features of Thai Cuisine is the way in which a combination of flavors is used to achieve a precise and desired taste. Every herb, spice and ingredient is chosen for a specific purpose. That is, to bring you the best Thai Cuisine you have ever experienced.


Fresh ingredients, delicious food, great service and reasonable prices, are the basis on which we were built. All of our dishes are made fresh to order and are prepared with the highest quality ingredients that you can taste in every bite. We challenge you to taste our food and compare what we have to offer to your favorite Thai restaurants! You will discover the difference, as well as realize that quality doesn't always cost more!


We offer both table and “special booth” seating for your lunch and dinner experience. Specialty beer & wine are always available to complement your dine in meal. We do Takeout and Catering, feel free to give us a call at 909-987-8885 to place an order in advance so that we can have it ready and waiting when you arrive.